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Founded back in 2003, SendThisFile was among the first to provide a simple solution for secure large file transfers. Today, the company has expanded its services, offering robust API solutions and seamless website integration with an unwavering focus on advanced security, privacy, and compliance. With the ever-expanding list of compliance regulations like GDPR, EU-US Data Privacy Framework, California Privacy Rights Act, Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, Brazilian General Data Protection Law and many more, SendThisFile offers solutions that empower our customers to meet these compliance demands. Having customers in more than 170 countries, SendThisFile has emerged as an innovative leader in offering scalable secure file transfers to Fortune 500 companies and customers across the globe. Our customers, both large and small, cover many sectors including healthcare, finance, legal, energy, IT, manufacturing, education, media, and government.


SendThisFile replaces complicated and insecure file transfers with a simple user interface that has all the security built in. All data is encrypted during the transfer and while at rest using the highest standard of encryption algorithms. The integration features allow for customers to add secure file transfer to their own website with all the included security. Easy to use, quick to setup, and highly secure, SendThisFile has the right technology solutions to ensure the security, privacy, and compliance that business professionals need.


In 2002, new privacy laws and regulations impacted businesses for which very few solutions existed. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) dramatically increased the reporting and liability for publicly traded companies. Later in 2003, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security standards were published, followed shortly by the HIPAA deadline for privacy compliance. It was during this heavily regulated environment that in November 2003 SendThisFile was founded. As result, this environment compelled SendThisFile to take a security centric view from day one.

Today, SendThisFile’s security solutions are integrated into core business processes for customers in over 170 countries. Through partnerships with companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, SendThisFile provides fully compliant solutions that meet the unique security needs of many industry sectors, including healthcare, finance, legal, energy, IT, manufacturing, education media, and government.

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