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At SendThisFile, your privacy and security are our commitment. We understand the importance of keeping your sensitive data shielded from prying eyes.

Trust SendThisFile to safeguard your information, because when it comes to privacy and security, we spare no effort in ensuring your trust is well-placed.

- Enterprise File Transfer -

SendThisFile’s Fullstack is your dedicated copy of our Software-as-a-Service architecture, tailored for your organization.

Leveraging the industry’s finest services from SendThisFile, Azure, Backblaze, and Twilio; the Fullstack offering emerges as the ideal selection for organizations with 200+ users or significant security and compliance considerations.

Why The Ritz London loves SendThisFile: After 15 years of patronage culminating in tens of thousands of files shared, the service is simply 5 star quality.

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At SendThisFile, we empower you to personalize the entire transfer process by prominently featuring your logo on key touchpoints:

Maximize brand recognition and create a polished, cohesive experience with SendThisFile.

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Seamless Website Integration

Empower Your Visitors with SendThisFile’s Website Button

Elevate your website’s functionality with SendThisFile.

We'll host the Website Button for you!

Empower Your Visitors with SendThisFile’s Website Button

Discover the power of our Hosted Website Button.

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Domain Registration - Simplify Business File Transfer

Experience seamless domain integration – simplify business file transfer and user management with SendThisFile.

Empower Your Team with Multiple Users

Unlock collaborative power with a multiple user setup at SendThisFile.

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