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What you’ll get

  • Drag-and-drop file or folder sending
  • Recipient authentication
  • 7-day file retention

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What you’ll get

  • No file size limit
  • Multiple recipients
  • Cancel anytime
  • 14-day file retention


$10/ team member /month

What you’ll get

  • Branding
  • Domain registration
  • User capture
  • Website Integration
  • Cancel anytime
  • Up to 30-day file retention

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Secure File Sending
Up to 50 MB
Request Files
Up to 50 MB
Folder Uploads
Drag-n-Drop Uploads
File Retention7 Days14 Days30 Days
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QR Code Downloads
File History
30 Days

1 Year

1 Year
Website Integration
Admin Controls
Domain Registration
User Capture
Multiple Users
Security and Compliance
Encryption in Transit
Encryption at Rest
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Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses that deal with customer or client data need to remember their reputations are constantly on the line. The damage caused by a data breach would be significant if you’re not using a secure system to protect files when they’re shared or where they’re stored.

In addition, a growing number of industries, including legal, accounting, financial, healthcare, insurance, and others, are regulated by federal, state, or industry authorities that require certain levels of data security

Encryption basically scrambles your data when its sent online so it looks like random gibberish if intercepted by a third party. SendThisFile uses AES-256 encryption making brute force attacks to steal your data virtually impossible.

There are no restrictions to the type of files you can upload and transfer using SendThisFile.

While the Free plan is great for sending and receiving files, there are many benefits to upgrading to another level that may fit your business needs better. Standard accounts for just $5 a month allow you to send multiple files to multiple accounts with no limitations. Business accounts allow you to grow as your business grows. Add as many team members as you need for a low monthly cost. Give your whole organization secure file sending at a reasonable price.

When you need to get files from someone, SendThisFile facilitates this process to make it secure. You simply type in the email of the person you need files from and they will receive an email with instructions and a link. They click on the link and send you the files you requested. The files show up right in your inbox. For added security, that link is only valid for the email address you sent the request to.

For Business accounts who want to control information flowing in and out of their organization, domain verification is key. Once you prove that you own the domain, SendThisFile will auto-capture any user trying to signup with email addresses that have that domain. This allows the Business accounts to ultimately control user access to the SendThisFile service.

No. SendThisFile is a monthly subscription service. Cancel at anytime.