Subscription Agreement

Last Updated: May 3, 2018

All Plans are on a Subscription Basis

  • Subscriptions to the SendThisFile service are adjusted to a calendar month basis on the first day of the first month after the subscription is purchased. There will be a prorated charge for the month when this adjustment is made.
  • File transfer service renewals are normally posted to charge cards on the first or second day of each month.
  • If you subscribe to our service through a special offer where no credit card information is required, the subscription will automatically convert to a free plan at the end of the offer period.
  • A subscription to the SendThisFile file transfer service is for access to a SendThisFile file transfer server. When someone purchases a subscription to the SendThisFile service, SendThisFile has to pay for hard drive space, bandwidth, customer support, programmers, upgrades, maintenance, etc., so the service is available to the subscriber any time the subscriber desires to use the SendThisFile service. In light of the foregoing: Subscriber agrees that the subscriber is using, and will pay for, the SendThisFile service from the time the subscriber purchases a subscription until the subscriber cancels the subscription using the online subscription cancellation procedure described below, even though the subscriber does not send or receive any files during the time period the subscription is active.
  • If you are only going to send files one time, be sure to cancel your subscription using the online cancellation procedure described below once the files have been downloaded.
  • If you are not going to send or receive files for a period of time, and you do not wish to pay SendThisFile to keep your subscription active during that period, cancel your subscription using the online cancellation procedure described below before the first of the month to save another month’s fees. You can easily purchase a new subscription whenever you need to send large files again.
  • Discounted subscriptions (e.g., annual plans) cancelled prematurely are adjusted to monthly rates before refunds are calculated.
  • Refunds for discounted subscriptions are based on full months. No refunds for fractional months.
  • There is no refund when a monthly subscription is cancelled.
  • You are agreeing to this subscription policy, along with our Terms of Use, when you purchase a subscription.

Cancelling your Subscription Online

  • This online cancellation procedure is available at all times for accounts with paid subscriptions. (Free account holders who want to cancel their account should use the “Contact” form on any page to request their free account be cancelled.)
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the “My Account” link on the gray bar.
  • Click on the “Cancel” link at the right-hand end of the sub-menu that will appear just below the gray bar.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • Do not assume the subscription has been cancelled until you receive our confirmation email. Keep the confirmation email we send you for one or two billing cycles in case there is a problem. The confirmation email is your evidence as to when you cancelled your subscription.
  • The prices of SendThisFile’s subscriptions are based on SendThisFile’s customers using an automated service, including this online cancellation procedure. If you choose to cancel your subscription using any method other than this online cancellation procedure (e.g., by telephone, email, snail mail, telling your credit card company to decline future charges, a credit card chargeback, etc.) you agree that SendThisFile may bill you for a cancellation fee, plus all costs incurred by SendThisFile as a result of your choice to use a cancellation procedure other than this online cancellation procedure.
  • You are agreeing to this cancellation policy, along with our Terms of Use, when you purchase a subscription.

Overage (File Transfer Usage) Billing

  • Each subscription includes a specific amount of prepaid bandwidth (i.e., upload and download bytes). The amount of prepaid bandwidth included with each subscription is shown under the “Buy Now/Upgrade” link.
  • SendThisFile will bill the account holder for usage that exceeds the prepaid bandwidth for the user’s plan, at the rate shown for the plan under the “Buy Now/Upgrade” link.
  • All successful transfers, partial transfers, incomplete transfers, video streams, audio streams, etc. are counted when calculating overage billing.
  • Charge cards may be debited immediately when prepaid upload OR download bytes are exceeded.
  • SendThisFile recognizes that not everyone can accurately anticipate their monthly usage when they start using SendThisFile. If you are billed for an overage, carefully read the “Overage Notice” email you receive, it will contain information about how to apply your overage fees to an upgrade, along with information as to how you can reduce your overage billing costs in the future.
  • You are agreeing to this overage billing policy, along with our Terms of Use, when you purchase a subscription.