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6 Audit Security

We all have digital lives that need to be protected and safeguarded against hacks and data leaks.

We don’t let strangers into our homes because of privacy. Our data is private too. When it comes time to share it, encryption is the best way to protect our digital lives from would-be hackers. It protects our privacy from people that we don’t want to read, view, copy or disseminate our private data. With encryption, anyone who would try to view it unauthorized, would see only unintelligible random characters.

At SendThisFile, we safeguard data during transit. In fact, it’s paramount to the very core of our business. We do not view your data, share your email addresses, or resell your information in any way, we simply send files securely. We value our customers’ privacy and have maintained our business by preserving our high standards of integrity. View our Privacy Policy.


We only use infrastructure vendors that have SOC 2 assessments.  SendThisFile reviews these assessments to ensure that our vendors stay in compliance so we can continue to offer the highest level of security and protection.

Encryption during Transfer

All data transmissions are protected using military grade 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. This ensures that your data is never exposed during transport from your computer to our data center. In the unlikely event of data being intercepted during transport, our end-to-end TLS encryption ensures your data is unreadable.

Encryption at Rest

17 Security

SendThisFile employs the Backblaze server-side encryption (SSE) technology with the AES-256, a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. In simple words, SSE adds an extra layer of security to the data, making it highly challenging for unauthorized individuals to utilize any unlawfully acquired information. Without the encryption key, it becomes impossible for attackers to preview or access the improperly obtained data.

Mandatory encryption at rest is essential to meet specific compliance obligations and adhere to industry standards like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Data Expiration and Deletion

13 File Activity

Automated data handling by our file system ensures that your files remain under your full control. At no time do we view or otherwise access your data. Once a file has reached its expiration date, our system automatically and permanently deletes the file from our servers. We do not back up customer files, so you are in complete control of all copies of your files at all times. You can have peace of mind, your transfer was secure, complete and private.

Domain Registration

By registering your organization’s domain, you can auto-capture all users that signup and automatically put them under one account.  With all the users under one account, the organization can now manage and report on all user’s file activity.

Verified Recipients

16 Account Details
To make sure your intended recipient is the only one receiving your files, you can turn on “Enhanced Security”.  This will require the recipient to verify their identity prior to downloading.  Ensuring that your files are getting to the right person and not floating around the Internet.

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