Elevating International Marketing with SendThisFile – A Ritz London Case Study

Why The Ritz London loves SendThisFile: After 15 years of patronage culminating in tens of thousands of files shared, the service is simply 5 star quality.


The Ritz London (https://www.theritzlondon.com) is a 5-star London hotel that has built a reputation providing world-class luxury accommodations, events and guest services. With a long history of providing premier hospitality and event services to the greater London area, The Ritz London customers include guests and travelers from around the world.

To create special events and promotions, The Ritz London utilizes outside marketing firms and agencies to assist in producing and communicating its marketing material.

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The Challenge

Seeking to boost its international marketing efforts, The Ritz London sales staff needed easy-to-use and highly reliable online communications of promotional material, including large media and video files, with outside marketing agencies. Existing solutions were complicated to use, and did not offer sufficient file tracking capabilities to ensure that files were successfully delivered.

The Solution

Using SendThisFile to monitor and track file transfers enabled The Ritz London to reliably send and receive files between employees and third party marketing agencies, increasing communication speed and decreasing file sharing friction.

The Results

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Bottom line:  Increased turnaround speed of international marketing campaigns.

The Ritz London staff leveraged SendThisFile highly secure and reliable online file transfers to support their increased marketing and advertising initiatives around the world. Online file transfers supported rapid interaction with marketing agencies both internationally and in the UK. Using file tracking and file notifications, The Ritz London employees were able to fully monitor file upload and download activity. The resulting streamlined file sharing process allowed The Ritz London marketing employees to rapidly increase the turnaround of their international marketing campaigns.

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