What is SendThisFile?

SendThisFile is a robust file transfer service modernizing the exchange of large files. We offer a user-friendly solution for swift and straightforward file transfers, ensuring ease of use through our uncomplicated file upload pages.  Every transfer includes our robust encryption and security measures, establishing end-to-end encrypted file transfers without any complex configurations.

If you are ready to get started with a service that checks all the boxes, get started for free today!

With the option to embed our Website Button on your website, your customers can easily send files without leaving your site. SendThisFile allows you to customize the Website Button to seamlessly integrate it into your website’s branding.
SendThisFile grants you full access control, enabling you to monitor download counts, identify downloaders, and generate detailed, exportable audit logs.

Why Choose SendThisFile?

Since 2003, SendThisFile has been a trusted name in file transfers. No other online managed file transfer service offers the same blend of power, rich features, and affordability. Designed to simplify both personal and professional online file sharing, SendThisFile empowers individuals and businesses to send files of any size securely and effortlessly worldwide. Leveraging modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure with SOC2 compliant data centers, we eliminate the installation and administrative headaches associated with server and desktop-based solutions, effectively reducing your costs and overhead.

Why Trust SendThisFile?

We’re the original file transfer company.  

With 2 decades of experience, no web-based file transfer service has been shipping files longer.

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